Macrame Bag

Macrame Bag: The Essential Accessory for Bohemian Fashion

An essential item in daily life, the bag accompanies you everywhere, whether to carry your personal belongings or store your purchases. It is also a fashion accessory that allows you to stand out and express your style freely. Enthusiastic about the bohemian style? Opt for a macrame bag and proudly showcase your love for this lightweight and natural textile technique, perfect for the arrival of spring and summer.

A Wide Variety of Macrame Bags:

Whether for the beach, the market, the local grocery store, shopping, or simply for a stroll to enjoy your free time, there is a multitude of macrame bags suitable for every situation. Depending on their capacity and type, you will undoubtedly find one that fits perfectly with the use you have in mind. Vary colors and models by exploring our carefully selected range of bags.

Macrame Shoulder Bag: Chic and Practical for Daily Use:

If you're looking to replace your traditional handbag, go for a macrame shoulder bag. Light and elegant, it is perfect for the summer seasons and your sunny vacations. All our macrame handbags are lined with fabric to preserve your personal items. Most of them are equipped with a zipper closure, allowing you to move freely with a light heart and a tranquil mind.

Macrame Net Bag: Perfect for the Arrival of Sunny Days:

If you need a bag for your shopping, opt for a macrame tote bag or a shopping bag. Their capacity ensures enough space for your belongings and purchases. An essential among macrame bags, the net bag ensures a relaxed bohemian look that will be a hit with those around you.

Macrame Drawstring Bag: Practical and Effective Compromise:

If you're looking for a macrame bag that's neither too large nor too small, succumb to the charm of the drawstring bag in braided cotton cord. Perfectly sized for carefree outings, this type of macrame bag allows you to store all your personal items for your daily excursions. Its purse-like design makes it a chic and elegant bag to wear over the shoulder or across the body.

Macrame Beach Bag: For Seaside Vacations:

If you're looking for a beach bag for a trip to the seaside or a nature walk, opt for a large lined tote bag or a macrame backpack. These sturdier bags will protect your belongings from sand while displaying a chic and natural style, perfectly suited to your mindset.

A Handwoven Bohemian Macrame Bag:

All the macrame bags available in our shop result from careful manual and artisanal craftsmanship. Take advantage of our free delivery by investing in a bohemian bag for the arrival of spring. From rope bags to braided bags and boho-chic bags, you'll find the best in macrame on Macrame Knott.