Macrame Wall Hanging

Essential to bohemian and Scandinavian trends, the Macrame wall tapestry is increasingly popular in interior decoration. Striking a balance between delicacy, texture, and lightness, how has the art of knotting gradually evolved into such a sought-after wall decoration?

The Resurgence of Macrame: A modern trend inseparable from bohemian style

Macrame, with its origins dating back thousands of years, involves weaving rope or cotton thread to create various knots for artistic purposes. Many associate macrame with the growing popularity of a textile technique from the 70s, symbolized by the trendy macrame owl of that era.

Macrame experienced a decline until the 2010s when it began to modernize, gradually reappearing in current decorative trends. Today, macrame makes a grand return, prominently featured in the Wall decoration of bohemian and Nordic styles.

People, mindful of the ambiance they wish to create in their homes, turn to macrame for its unparalleled sense of lightness and comfort. Creating a true haven of peace is now possible by investing in warm and authentic wall decor with macrame.

Macrame Wall Tapestry: The Essential Element for Bohemian Interiors Bohemian decor has gained popularity in recent years, emphasizing the use of natural materials such as cotton, wood, wicker, jute, and rattan. The macrame wall tapestry takes center stage in this trend.

Combining cotton threads and wood for decorative and artistic purposes has not gone unnoticed and is becoming increasingly popular. The elegance of symmetrical knot weaving and the texture and natural colors of a beige macrame wall hanging give it a warm and captivating appeal, ideal for creating a boho-chic ambiance in your interior.

Whether hung in the bedroom, above the bed, or prominently displayed in the living room, the macrame Wall tapestry contributes to a pleasant and warm boho decor, highlighting the importance of interior decoration for daily well-being.

Macrame Wall Decor

At its core, macrame is a handmade textile technique. All our macrame wall Tapestry are handmade, ensuring remarkable authenticity. Opt for a natural decoration that provides a unique sense of freedom and tranquility.

While often associated with the bohemian trend, the Macrame Wall Hangings comes in various styles and looks. Its cotton braiding, patches, and colors can vary, contributing to the richness and diversity of this art form.

The weaving technique offers infinite possibilities, from Nordic symmetry to irregular shapes characteristic of the bohemian style. Some macrame wall hangings feature prints borrowed from ethnic or Scandinavian decor styles.

Beyond cotton thread weaving, embellishments like feathers, beads, or pom-poms add charm, making the macrame wall hanging even more appealing. Traditionally white or off-white beige, macrame wall weaving can also showcase vibrant colors, making it a perfect fit for boho decor with warm and natural hues.

A Wide Range of Macrame Wall Tapestries To cater to different preferences and decoration projects, our store offers a diverse selection of macrame wall hangings in various sizes, shapes, and colors.


  • Feather Macrame Wall Hanging: A bohemian and cozy decor essential, the feather macrame wall tapestry appeals for its unmatched softness and lightness, ensuring comfort and tranquility.b
  • Colored Macrame Wall Tapestry: Departing from the usual off-white, macrame wall hangings come in a multitude of colors, adding vibrancy to a boho, warm, and welcoming interior.
  • Giant Macrame Wall Tapestry: Ideal for adding character to the bedroom or living room, a large macrame wall tapestry brings a natural and impressive dimension to the home.
  • Round Macrame Wall Hanging: Popular in bohemian decor, the round macrame wall tapestry stands out for its shape and undeniable charm, offering a unique alternative.
  • Black Macrame Wall Tapestry: A modern and elegant choice, the black macrame wall tapestry breaks away from traditional codes, creating a chic and distinguished ambiance.
  • Woolen Macrame Wall Hanging: Experimenting with woolen embellishments, this type of macrame wall hanging stands out for its irregular shapes and colorful richness, bridging design and modernism.
  • Macrame Wall Tapestry: Different from wall hangings, bohemian macrame wall tapestries are printed with macrame embellishments, ideal for minimalist and contemporary decor styles.


Choosing the Right Macrame Wall Tapestry

With a plethora of options, selecting the perfect macrame wall tapestry can be challenging. To decide, consider the wall and location you want to decorate, ensuring the size and style complement your existing decor.

- Complementing Existing Decor: A Small macrame wall hanging can make a significant difference in a well-furnished boho wall composition. Measure the available space to ensure a perfect fit. - Filling a Large Wall: For a large empty wall, opt for a giant macrame wall tapestry or a headboard to establish a true boho-chic, ethnic, or Nordic ambiance.


Showcasing Your Macrame Wall Decor

Identify a prime location in your home, ensuring the macrame wall tapestry is visible like a piece of art. For a warm and authentic style, place it slightly above eye level. In a bedroom, consider using it as a headboard, while in a living room, choose a large and visible wall section for maximum visual impact.

For special events, such as bohemian weddings or vacations, hanging your macrame wall tapestry outdoors or in a garden is possible. Exercise caution with weather conditions. A macrame tapestry can enhance the wall decoration of a bohemian event, adding a creative touch to moments with friends and family.

Hanging a Macrame Wall Tapestry

Most macrame wall hangings come with a wooden support to which the creation is tied. To hang it effectively, determine the location based on the type and size of the macrame.

- For a large tapestry or giant macrame, position it at eye level or use two wall hooks at each end of the wooden support. Some macrames have an attachment rope, requiring only one wall hook. - Discreet white wall hooks or small nails can be used to fix the support to the wall. Avoid drilling unnecessary holes in the wall. If the macrame doesn't come with support, find suitable wooden supports on our store.

Caring for Your Macrame Wall Tapestry

Maintain your macrame wall tapestry

with a comb or a thick brush, aligning the cotton threads if tangled during transport. To preserve its color and appearance, comb the macrame to remove dust. Avoid machine washing: instead, clean it by hand with mild products.

Making Your Own Macrame Wall Tapestry

Explore our blog for tutorials and find all the DIY materials necessary for creating your macrame wall hangings. Our store offers DIY materials suitable for all skill levels, allowing you to express creativity and embark on macrame wall hanging creation.

Our Handmade Cotton Macrame Wall Hangings

All macrames available on our store undergo meticulous manual and artisanal design, making each piece unique. The materials, including wood and cotton, are of natural origin and high quality. Order your Wonderful Macrame creation now and benefit from free delivery.