Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger

Work towards a lush and harmonious environment with Indoor plants. Essential for a healthy and natural living space, green plants offer numerous benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. A green-infused home is one that breathes, as plants actively contribute to air purification and renewal by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Moreover, their verdant appearance creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere every day, perfect for feeling completely at ease at home. It's time to give your plants what they deserve by enhancing them in the most beautiful way. Pairing your plants with macrame allows you to achieve a perfect blend of materials for a natural and stunning result throughout your home.

Macrame Plant Hanger for Natural Decoration

Natural interior decor is characterized by the use of natural materials in furniture and decorative objects. Wood, jute, rattan, willow, or cotton rope are among the materials found in natural interiors influenced by various styles (bohemian, Scandinavian, ethnic, Berber, etc.). However, the first common and universal element in natural decor is the use of indoor green plants. They directly evoke nature and a sense of wild freedom, providing the most effective means of revitalizing a room and reconnecting with nature from the comfort of your home.

Macrame plant hanger, trendy in bohemian chic decors, allows you to rethink your plant decor by emphasizing verticality. Essentially made of hand-knotted and braided cotton rope, a macrame Plant hanger can accommodate pots of various sizes, usually up to around twenty centimeters in diameter. Commonly in ecru color, the macrame plant hanger can also be colorful. Embrace the charm and elegance of the marriage between plants and macrame cotton through a unique and original hanging design.

Macrame Plant Hanger and Bohemian Decoration

In terms of bohemian and chic decorative trends, the Macrame hanger has become an essential and highly sought-after element. Its significant success reflects the effectiveness of its use. Whether used alone or in combination, the macrame hanger captivates by Suspending your plants and flowers at eye level. It contributes to a lively and atypical decor that arouses admiration. For the joy of boho style enthusiasts and nature-inspired decor, the macrame plant hanger has the potential to transform your home into a warm and eclectic space.

Macrame Hanging Planter

Just like your plants, the macrame hanger can be placed in various rooms in your home. You can find a predefined location to hang your hanger, such as a shelf or a floor lamp. Another option is to attach a hook wherever you prefer if you have a specific idea of where you want to suspend your plants and flowers. Our decor tip: try the macrame hanger near a window in your kitchen, it's the ideal location for growing your culinary herbs.

A veranda, balcony, terrace, or your garden are also perfectly suitable locations to host your Cotton rope hangers. Sunny and bright, these places are ideal for ensuring a long and peaceful life for your green plants and flowers. Moreover, these are areas usually dedicated to relaxation, where you can fully enjoy the charm of your hangers and a peaceful, green living environment.

A Wide Range of Macrame Plant Hangers

Like macrame, plant hangers come in an almost infinite number of possible and imaginable models. Each Suspended macrame is unique; the shape, size, weaving patterns, and colors can vary from one hanger to another. As you can see, there is something for everyone so that each person can find the macrame plant hanger that best suits their decor.

- Simple macrame Plant Hanger: Minimalist and simple, perfect for enhancing your plant in the most beautiful way. No need to complicate things when simplicity can be equally successful.

- Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads: Beads add a certain flair to the Cotton rope plant hanger. Often made of natural wood, they blend perfectly with the suspended cotton ropes. Seize the opportunity to enhance your interior with an essential boho chic spirit.

- Black macrame Plant Hanger: Ideal for contributing to a contrasting and elegant bohemian decor, the black macrame plant hanger is a hit. It's the perfect touch to stand out from a light background without darkening a room. A beautiful alternative to the more commonly used beige cotton rope.

- Wall-mounted Macrame Plant Hanger: As the name suggests, it is a wall-mounted macrame plant hanger. Attached to your wall, it allows you to add vegetation to your wall decor. Ideal for creating a peaceful and green environment that you'll enjoy coming home to after a long day of work.

- Colored Macrame Plant Hanger: A colored plant hanger in macrame. Ideal for reviving your interior and opting for a dynamic and warm environment. Play on a color match with your furniture, linens, or wall color to achieve a harmonious and stunning result. A way to distinguish yourself from the commonly used beige cotton rope.

What Length for My Hanging Plant Holder?

You also have the option to play with the length and verticality of your Plant decor. Vary the number of pots you want to suspend. From the Mini macrame hanger to the 3-plant hanger, a wide choice is available to you once again!

- Mini Macrame Plant Hanger: Cute and adorable, the mini macrame hanger is ideal for adding a touch of softness and lightness to a bedroom's decoration. Placed near the bed or above a bedside table, it contributes to a cozy and warm space where you feel good.

- Small Macrame Plant Hanger: Quite common, it makes a magnificent suspended basket for your small pots. It delicately showcases your small indoor plants thanks to the softness of the braided macrame cotton.

- Double Macrame Plant Hanger: Because a simple macrame plant hanger is not always enough to satisfy your desires, opt for the double macrame plant hanger. An original and surprising way to suspend two pots one above the other.

- 3-Plant Macrame Hanger: Go even further with the Triple plant hanger, ideal for creating a floral and plant composition with different types of plants or flowers. Create your indoor garden by optimizing the space in your natural decor.

Which Plant for a Hanging Pot?

When your indoor plants reach new heights, the question arises: which plant to favor for your aerial garden? Whether from an aesthetic or practical point of view, one might wonder if some plants are better suited for cultivation and maintenance in Hanging pots than others. Whether you are an experienced gardener or not, a vast variety of plants is available to complement your indoor plant decor in the most beautiful way.

For a trendy jungle effect, hanging plants are a must. Plants like certain types of ivy or string of pearls, for example, enhance an interior and immerse it in an incomparable natural and enchanting atmosphere. Other plants like orchids, eucalyptus, or cacti are also suitable for hanging. Ultimately, every indoor plant has the potential to be cultivated in a cotton rope suspension. However, ensure that you respect the care required by the nature of your plant or flower (sunlight and watering). Keep in mind that the size of your plant will be limited by the size of your pot.

If you don't have a green thumb or lack time to care properly for your plants, you may consider artificial plants. Although you lose the essential natural aspect of a plant, you can achieve an aesthetic result that you won't have to worry about over time. Succumb to the perfect marriage of macrame rope and climbing artificial ivy to decorate your interior with a touch of nature.

In conclusion, it's up to you to choose the type of plant or flower you want to create in your home. For avid fans of indoor plant decor, a combination of various types of plants, both floral and green, can be considered to create a true haven of peace that breathes well-being. For those looking for something more minimalist, a less lush plant like a peperomia or a cactus may be more suitable.

How to Hang a Macrame Hanger?

Hanging a Macrame hanger is actually relatively simple. You must first determine the location in your home where you want to suspend your pots. In which room of the house and at what spot. We recommend placing your plants near a natural light source to ensure optimal living conditions. If you have a bright interior with numerous or large windows, this should not be a problem.

By determining the location in your home where you want to hang your plants, you must decide whether you attach your cotton rope hanger directly to a pre-existing element in your interior or if you want to fix a hook to the wall or ceiling. Sometimes, a shelf, a tall piece of furniture, a floor lamp, or exposed beams are sufficient to Hang your plants. However, it is likely that you already have a specific idea of where you want to hang your Suspended plants. In this case, you will need the necessary materials, namely: a simple wall hook, a screw-in hook, or a stronger hook that you will have to attach by drilling your wall or ceiling. A mallet, a screwdriver, or a drill will then be necessary.

In most cases, a Simple macrame hanger and its pot are not extremely heavy, and a simple wall hook hammered with a mallet should suffice. However, if you prefer to play it safe or if you have a fairly heavy pot or a double or triple hanger, a hook fixed to the wall or ceiling is preferable. To attach your hook, first drill the wall where you want to Suspend your plant or flower. Then, install the hook using fixing plugs. Once the hook is fixed, you just have to hang your cotton rope hanger, and you're done!

Some Tips and Decor Ideas for Your Macrame Plant Hangers

A macrame hanger allows you to showcase not only your plant or flower but also your pot. That's why we recommend choosing a beautiful cachepot for your plants. There are cachepots in different colors and materials to suit all decor styles. If you are a fan of bohemian and natural decor, opt for a cachepot made of wood, wicker, ceramic, or terracotta. These cachepots will enhance your hanger for a harmonious result down to the smallest details.

A macrame hanger in cotton rope allows you to optimize your living space by freeing up floor space. If you have pets or young children, a hanger in the living room will help limit damage while gaining space for furniture or seating.

We also recommend not hesitating to swap or change your pots according to the seasons. Creating a different ambiance in winter than in summer will refresh your home decor. Some tropical plants make perfect summer natural decor. Flowers in spring, and more robust plants in winter. There are nearly infinite plant compositions that you can implement using Macrame plant and Flower hangers.

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger?

Prefer to create your own macrame plant hanger? Browse our blog to find new decor inspirations for your home and DIY creation guides. If you are new to macrame, we recommend following a tutorial that will guide you step by step in creating your macrame plant hanger. There are many macrame plant hanger models available, choose the one that best fits your decor and highlights your pot the most.

If you have never made macrame before and want to venture into DIY creation, first learn about the type of thread and the different basic knots. Macrame relies on a knot-tying technique, and there is a wide variety of knots, some more complex than others. Focus on basic knots to start and choose hanger models based on simple knots.

Once you've chosen the model, you'll need materials to create it. You'll find all the DIY creation material for making a beautiful macrame plant hanger at Macrame Knot: thread, rope, spool, beads, ring; browse our collections dedicated to macrame weaving material. If you don't have supplies yet, our macrame hanger kit may be a perfectly suitable solution. This kit includes all the material needed to create a cotton rope plant hanger. Take advantage of our free delivery by ordering from our shop.

Which Thread for Macrame Plant Hangers?

There are three main types of thread for macrame: twisted thread, braided thread, and combed thread. To make macrame plant hangers, we recommend turning to twisted macrame thread. This type of thread offers good maneuverability for effective and easy weaving. Jute thread is a beautiful alternative to cotton thread. This type of rope provides a more rustic and authentic look.

Depending on your level of experience in terms of DIY macrame, you can choose the type of rope and material you prefer for your cotton rope hangers. You will find a wide range of cord spools dedicated to macrame creation in our shop. Although hangers are most commonly beige, you can opt for the color of your choice to add variety. Ecru beige brings softness and boho style, while a colored hanger brightens your decor for a warm and welcoming result. A black plant hanger adds more contrast to your suspended decor.

Handmade Macrame Cachepot

All our macrame plant hangers result from manual and artisanal design. All our plant hangers use natural and durable materials. Embrace the perfect blend of cotton, jute, wooden beads, and the greenery of your plants, all suspended from the ceiling for a stunning effect throughout your home.