Macrame Shelf

Positioned halfway between decoration and storage, the Macrame rope shelf captivates the minds of bohemian enthusiasts, who care about a balanced and harmonious environment. To optimize the space in your interior with an essential chic and natural style, the wooden and Rope Macrame shelf appears as a must-try for any boho decor lover.

The Macrame shelf: a blend of storage and decoration

Creating a natural and warm ambiance, the Macrame rope shelf is a must-have for bohemian decoration. Beyond the practical and functional aspects of a regular shelf, the Macrame cotton shelf promises to bring texture and authenticity to your living space. It's a unique way to enhance the decoration of your home, no matter which room you want to hang it in.

The Macrame shelf encompasses the charm and beauty of a wall weaving and suspension. With patterns, fringes, pompons, or beads, supported by braided and twisted ropes, a Macrame shelf alone gathers the cream of Macrame decoration. Create additional storage space that will enhance your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

The Macrame wall rope shelf

Subtle and delicate, the Macrame wall rope shelf integrates perfectly into bohemian interiors. Its perfect blend of wood and cotton creates a minimalist and design storage filled with lightness. There is a wide variety of Macrame shelves, it's up to you to choose the one that will best suit the room in your house where you want to hang it.

The impressive suspended Macrame shelf

More unconventional and minimalist than a Wall shelf, the design of a suspended Macrame shelf is no less rich. Such a Macrame suspension celebrates the bohemian trend in the most beautiful way. Between wood and cotton, it mixes organic materials for a sublime and authentic result that will fit perfectly into a natural decoration.

The Suspended Macrame shelf has a smaller storage surface than a classic wall shelf. It is primarily a decorative element that will charmingly and elegantly host a plant, a statuette, or candles. It's up to you to choose the object you want to highlight on your Suspended shelf. It's an excellent way to add, once again, a touch of personality to your interior decor.

The essential Macrame wall shelf

A Macrame wall shelf is distinguished by a weaving directly inspired by our most beautiful tapestries. Depending on the patterns and inserts of this Macrame weaving, you will find models that are sometimes more ethnic or Scandinavian, often bohemian. A design that is sometimes maximalist and detailed, or conversely, minimalist and sleek. Alone or in composition, the wall Rope shelf is a must-have for any interior playing on textures and natural materials.

The Macrame wall shelf generally has a natural wood board to place your personal items. Books, a vase, or pots, you have a wide choice to fill the support of your wall shelf with the objects of your choice. Our little decorating idea: Rather for decorative purposes, it makes a beautiful plant stand. Combine natural materials and place a bouquet of dried flowers or pampas grass on it.

The double Macrame shelf, for twice the bohemian effect

Simple, double, or triple, you will find in our shop a whole range of Multi-level Macrame shelves. According to your desires and needs, from the simple and minimalist shelf to the Double Macrame shelf offering more storage and a larger wall weaving. You will also find triple shelves for the most elaborate interiors.

Whether it's a simple or multi-level model, the Macrame shelf has the advantage of fitting into every room in the house. In a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, or even in a bathroom, it helps create a light and natural atmosphere that softens the space.

In conclusion, the Macrame shelf is an opportunity to satisfy many interests simultaneously. Whether it's optimizing your space, decorating your interior, or displaying any decorative object, its benefits are multiple. Its rich and authentic design makes it a preferred decoration that every bohemian interior will welcome with great value.

A wooden and rope Macrame shelf

A subtle blend of natural materials, the suspended wooden and rope shelf has been increasingly successful in recent years. Both simple and effective, this type of shelf will perfectly suit a minimalist and authentic decor. Simply composed of wood and cotton rope, the Macrame shelf reflects the very essence of natural decoration. A wall rope shelf has the potential to immerse your bedroom or living room in a boho chic and soothing ambiance.

Create a sublime wall composition by combining your shelf with other bohemian or Scandinavian decor elements in wood, cotton, jute, or rattan. Think about beautiful storage and furniture alternatives to create a decor worthy of a trendy magazine. Because a successful interior decoration is a guarantee of well-being and fulfillment, don't wait any longer to find the wooden and rope wall shelf of your dreams.

How to make a suspended rope shelf?

If you want to make your own Macrame wall shelf, we invite you to browse our blog to find useful information and creation guides that could help you. You will also find on the web various models of Macrame rope shelves to make from home, accompanied by their creation guide.

To make a Suspended Macrame shelf, you will need specific material. Depending on the size of the shelf you want to build, more or less Macrame thread will be needed. One or more wooden boards of the size you want. A pair of scissors, 2 round metal rings, a measuring meter, a drill, and a level.

You will find on Macrame Knott a wide range of DIY Macrame materials. Browse our spools of thread in various diameters and colors, as well as our natural wood rings.

A handmade Macrame rope shelf

From the most complex weavings to the most minimalist, the cotton Macrame rope shelves available in our shop are the result of manual and artisanal creation. During this handmade creation, the wood and cotton materials used are all of natural origin, guaranteeing you durable and quality creations. Take advantage of free delivery available for all our rope shelves.